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After nearly 20 years working across both consulting and industry, our Founder noticed how challenging it was to find vendors capable of understanding both the technical requirements and strategic purpose for engagements.  This was particularly challenging when it came to digital health technologies, real-world data and AI in healthcare.  Hence, AIX Consultancy was set-up more than 5 years ago with the purpose of helping clients uncover and maximise the real, tangible applications of data, programming and AI on health technology development and value demonstration


Our ethos of extreme attention to detail while always keeping the bigger picture in mind empowers us to achieve our clients’ business needs in the most efficient manner.  We understand the importance of behavioural and process changes when it comes to implementing new technologies and tools, as well as the technical requirements.  We understand that the value of data is largely derived from its strategy, context and effective communication, as the same data can be perceived differently by various stakeholders.  This enables us to work with you to maximise the value of your data and product/portfolio


We have experience in business development, commercial forecasting and modelling, marketing and sales, health economic modelling, literature reviews, health technology assessment (HTA) submissions, qualitative and quantitative pricing research, as well as prospective and retrospective real-world studies.  Our team consists of strategic and management consultants skilled in modelling, programming and natural language processing in Python, R, and VBA

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