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Value Assessment Model

Company considering acquiring the rights to a new treatment for a rare disease with little experience in value-based pricing and health economics

Reviewed disease area literature to understand quality of life and costs, benefit of treatment, as well as market share and revenue forecasts.  Developed an integrated value assessment model (VAM) that allowed the team to test changes in the target product profile and pricing methodology on the overall value


Provided a clear understanding of the direct impact on financial value from changes to product characteristics, as well as the ability to run sensitivity analysis around key uncertainties/scenarios

Health Economic Model in R

Company interested in improving customer/external perceptions and relationships by developing a more transparent health economic model in R

Two independent modellers, one of whom adapted existing Markov model in Excel (VBA) into R, while other developed model in R from scratch.  Cross-validated to arrive at final model, which was then reviewed and approved by internal and external stakeholders

Received positive feedback from stakeholders around improved transparency and greater trust in the model results

User-friendly Health Economic Model

Company wished to develop a user-friendly budget impact model for a primary care asset to support field team meetings with payers/KOLs

Brainstormed the pros vs cons of Excel vs iPad/online application, and decided on an Excel model that was easy-to-follow and incorporated calculations in a transparent manner.  Developed model in partnership with internal team based on feedback, and rolled out to field team via training workshop

Used in meetings with customers the day after Zinc approval with positive feedback from field team

International Reference Pricing (IRP) Model

Company unsatisfied with lack of transparency and functionality with currently available IRP models

Worked with the team to identify end goals and key outputs for the IRP tool.  Developed the model calculations in R with a user-friendly web-based front-end in R-Shiny.  Rolled out the model alongside basic R language training for easy-querying of the calculations

Client team was very satisfied with transparency and functionality of the tool, enabling better understanding of underlying rationale for price changes

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