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Derive insights from real-world data (RWD) and literature to support value propositions and competitive positioning

Retrospective RWE Study

Company wished to rapidly understand whether their recently launched product demonstrated effectiveness in the real-world

Given the required timeframe, concluded that generating new data/prospective study was not feasible.  Hence, shortlisted potential databases/registries already licensed that would have the required patient exposure and outcomes of interest.  Analysed company’s existing UK THIN and US Truven MarketScan databases using R

Completed preliminary analysis in two weeks, providing rapid guidance on further activities and study designs

Social Media Mining

Company interested in generating potential indications of unmet need for repurposing of an existing compound

Brainstormed potential data sources, arriving at social media given its efficiency in collection, analysis and untapped potential.  Mined social media data for positive sentiments of the compound alongside mentions of organs/body parts and positive effects not within current licensed indications

Provided a list of possible indications to explore with further analysis and studies

Automated Literature Review

Organisation interested in understanding the possibility and accuracy of automating a literature review for a health technology assessment (HTA) submission

Partnered with professors from the University of Cambridge Computer Lab to develop a pilot using natural language processing in Python.  Compared accuracy vs already published Cochrane reviews

Approximately 80% overlap in article hit rate with Cochrane publication.  Currently refining program to improve accuracy and automate analysis of extracted data.  Poster presented at ISPOR Europe 2019 Congress in Copenhagen and available here

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